Advice for Packing Dishes and Glasses for a Relocation

When you are getting ready for your next big move, there is probably nothing more nerve-racking to pack than bowls, plates, coffee cups, and glasses. Because they can break so easily, you just know that there has to a certain strategy to packing them, so they stay intact, but you aren’t sure where to start. Well, here are some tips on packing those delicate items so they will get to your new home without damage.

Use a Specialized Moving Carton

There are special moving cartons called dish packs or dish boxes that are reinforced to carry fragile and breakable objects. Unlike traditional boxes that are constructed with only one layer of corrugated cardboard, the dish pack has twice the protection. Extra thickness in the walls and floor of the box practically promise safe delivery of your valuables.

And, while these boxes are a bit more expensive, they are worth the investment, because replacing multiple dishes and glasses will be much harder on the pocketbook. Just be sure that you are only using them to pack breakable items, or they can run up your moving bill fast.

Find the Right Packing Paper

Using tons of packing paper is the number one secret to successfully transporting fragile items. Get the least expensive packing paper you can find, because you will need to use as much as you can. You seriously cannot over-wrap anything because the more paper you incorporate, the more protection your objects will have.

You don’t even have to spend a ton on paper. Old newspapers work just fine. Don’t read the paper or know anyone that does?

Those annoying circulars that spam your mailbox weekly are just as effective and completely free.


Line your Boxes with Packing Paper

Take the time to line your box with a good amount of paper. Surround each side and the bottom with crumpled paper so nothing that is placed inside will slide around, crash into one another, and consequently crack, chip, or break.

The bottom of the carton especially needs cushioning in case the box is accidentally dropped.

Wrap Each Piece Appropriately

You will have to wrap each glass, dish, cup, and bowl with an excess of packing paper before placing it in the box. You should lay each piece on the corner of your packing paper sheet and wrap it diagonally. Tuck the paper’s ends inside as you, finish each piece.

Don’t forget to stuff the inside depressions of each glass, cup, and bowl with a dearth of paper to provide them with extra protection.

Arrange Each Piece in the Box Accordingly

Place your wrapped items in your carton in specific rows, just like in the dishwasher. Put your heavier objects on the bottom and lightest objects on top (like when grocery shopping). Your bowls and plates should be placed on their sides rather than flat in the box. That is safer for them, believe it or not. However, glasses and cups should be placed standing straight up and down.

If you are packing multiple layers of dishes, you should add a ply or two of packing paper between each layer. Just be careful not to overload the box. Dishes and glasses can get quite heavy pretty quickly.

Place a Sheet of Paper on Top of the Box

When you are done packing the carton, stuff as many sheets of paper between objects and on top as you can. There is never too much, and you want to keep all items firm and unable to move freely.


In conclusion, it is pretty easy to pack glasses and dishes if you use these simple strategies. Just remember, these ideas are limited to breakable items. You can pack plastic dishes and glasses, as well as durable pots and pans, in regular boxes and they do not require wrapping.

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