6 Office Moving Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Business

Relocating to new office space is often just as stressful as is moving house. Whether you’re moving across the city or cross-country, there are a few key things you want to avoid during your move. Keep reading for six mistakes no business should ever make during the relocation process.

1. Moving Without a Plan

Business owners that envision relocating as a simple “pack up and go” process are unfortunately mistaken. While a move to another office space may seem simple in theory, in reality, this type of move can take days to prepare for properly. Business owners that fail to plan accordingly are already starting off on the wrong foot.

Instead of launching into the move on a whim, businesses should always have a clear plan for every action they need to take during a move. Everything from moving furniture to files should have a detailed plan indicating how, when, and where they will be moved.

2. Going it Alone

If you’ve gone through a move by yourself and think that you can do the same thing with your company, this is a risky bet to make. Trying to relocate your office on your own is a bad idea. While you may have the willpower and motivation to pack up your office space by yourself, without the guidance and equipment of expert movers, you’re likely to make a mistake somewhere along the way.

Professional movers are paid for a reason. These experts can assess any situation and will know exactly what is required to ensure certain equipment, furniture, and other fragile items arrive unharmed to your new office location.

3. Not Protecting Sensitive Information

While it’s in the best interest of your business to trust your movers with the heavy lifting, you should pay careful attention to any sensitive information that you have around the office. Files containing client information, payment details, and any cash or valuables should always stay close to you. Keep these items on your person or in a separate vehicle from the rest of the boxes.

Only trusted personnel should have access to this sensitive information. As you gear up for the move, make sure every document is accounted for.

4. Avoiding a Backup Plan

Every moving plan should also have a backup plan. While no one enjoys the idea of having to endure delays, the fact is that they’re part of life, and rarely will everything go according to schedule. Keep your stress levels low by planning for any unforeseen delays.

5. Forgetting Insurance

Professional moving companies offer insurance for all items they come into contact with throughout the moving process. However, businesses should have their own insurance in case any damage occurs before or after the move. Whether you purchase temporary insurance or you insure all of your belongings with a traditional policy, taking the time to secure your property is worth it.

6. Failing to Budget Properly

Businesses often believe that they can do the move in-house with their own supplies and resources. While this works in some situations, moving always requires more equipment than one thinks they need. From packing tape and sharpies to boxes and bubble wrap, moving supplies can cost a fortune if not properly budgeted for. By setting a budget well in advance, businesses can better assess what supplies they need to purchase and what items they already have in stock.

Are you relocating your office in the near future? Be sure to use this guide to remind you of what six mistakes to avoid on your upcoming move.

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